Repairs and Shop Work

Fully Equipped Workshop

We carry out all work from simple tune and service.

We do performance modifications within sensible limits.

Sublet rebores
Crank grinds
Porting-polishing of heads
and most paintjobs simply because these are specialised jobs, and there are better equiped people than us to do it , and i think our customers deserve the best .

We always employ qualified and experienced mechanics, and all our work is guaranteed .

Quality in Exprience

We've been repairing and rectifying british bikes for 33 years and learned a bit about them in that time. The most important thing to remember is that we have all the spare parts immediately available on the shelf, so if the job need a new part, you get it, we don't make do with suspect parts because we can't get them, or don't want to wait for them to arrive. The result is a better job for you. We don't do cut price work, it is false economy .